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Our Focus Areas


The only home for humans to live that provides air,food,shelter,and personal space.


Health doesn't interpret humans to stay physically fit, but mental, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and occupational healthiness is also a must.


Substantial Education is the diamond that adds value to Human Beings and transforms them to be real Humans.


We Create Beautiful And Brighter Smiles

KCTH is a non-political, non-commericial, non-sectorial,and a Nonprofit OrganisationCorporation in USA & Society in India registered Under the Societies'Registration Act of 1860.The organization has been set up for the welfare of people and underdeveloped societies irrespective of class, creed, color, sex or age.

We are a group of strong individuals structured for the welfare of needy people and help improve their lifestyle.Moreover,We at KCTH have consistently started practicing work activities, service programs, and projects aimed at increasing public awareness of health and other environmental issues along side building capacities towards environmental improvement activities for a greener and cleaner environment.