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About Us

About KCTH

KCTH is a non-political, non-commercial, non-sectorial, and a Nonprofit Organization Corporation in USA & Society in India. The organization has been set up for the welfare of people and underdeveloped societies irrespective of class, creed, color, sex or age.

We are a group of strong individuals structured for the welfare of needy people and help improve their lifestyle. Moreover, We at KCTH have consistently started practicing work activities, service programs, and projects aimed at increasing public awareness of health and other environmental issues alongside building capacities towards environmental improvement activities for a greener and cleaner environment.

Our main aim is to provide Human-freedom , free world-class Education , Medical Health & better environment to everyone, anywhere all over the world.

We are a dedicated team putting efforts to develop society. The sole purpose is to address social issues and give a ray of hope to very socially backward people irrespective of any primitive.

Besides that KCTH is striving to provide unshackled education to all the people across states of India. We devote ourselves to secure the lives of children, the young generation and ensure that they get the utmost learning to develop themselves and reach a stage where they can build something amazing for themselves.

Besides education, Health, and Environment are paramount in any aspect. Thereby, the KCTH team is conscious to create awareness about wellness and the surrounding habitat.

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